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The production equipment included 5 t/h sand mixer, precoated sand auto machine, 2x750kg/h electric furnaces, shot blast machines and so on. We can provide castings in:GG15 – 35andGGG40 - 70,The single weight is from 0.1 – 1500 Kg.


We have a network in steel, bronze and machinery business, we do the trade service for items we cannot produce by ourselves, like stainless steel castings, Aluminium castings and machining. We have English and Japanese speaking staffs in the factory.


Welcome to the homepage of FerroFoss FerroFoss machinery & foundry co. ltd was established in 2005. There were installed the newest equipment in the foundry. The production equipment included 5 t/h sand mixer precoated sand auto machine 2x750kg/h electric furnaces shot blast machines and so on. The quality control equipment included sand testing equipment chemical analysis equipment mechanical property Microscope and so on. The annual production for resin sand c...

FerroFoss machinery & foundry co., ltd


From manufacturing to exporting, there is no need to go through a trading company. It can be done independently in our own company. The delivery time is fast and the cost can be maintained.


If you have any questions or like to have an offer, you are very welcome to contact us. We will do the offer by drawing and handle all case with care and confidentiality.



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